Saturday, March 24, 2012

When you are trying to betray Allah

Suka nak kongsikan dari buku Bahtera Penyelamat karya Fathi Yakan….
Jazakillah khairan kathira ukhti Syairah kerana sudi translatekan.
May Allah bless you… ^_^

                It was told that there was a man who met with Ibrahim bin Adham. He said to Ibrahim: “Oh father of Ishaq (Ibrahim). I have despotic myself, so please tell me something that can somehow make me realizes about my wrongdoings hence protect my heart from being contaminated.” Ibrahim Adham replied: “If you can accept yourself and perform all the five things that I will mention to you, than all the pleasantness that you have achieve will not harm yourself.” The man than said: “What is it? Please tell me oh father of Ishaq. “Ibrahim explained:
                “First: When you are trying to betray Allah, then do not eat His provision!” The man beat out and answered: “then, where can I eat if all the resources of food in this world belong to Him?” Ibrahim replied quickly: Hye fulan, is it worth it for you to eat food given by God and then deceive Him?”  “Surely no!” He answered back.
                “Ok. So what is the second one?” Ibrahim continued: “When you want to betray Allah, then don’t live anywhere on His world.” The man then said: This is harder than the first one you mentioned before. If the East, South and opposite of them are God’s then, where can I live?” Ibrahim interfered: Oh fulan, should you be eating food from God, live on His earth and then try to deceive Him?” “No”, He replied.
                “Then, what is the third one?” Ibrahim said again: “If you tend to deceive Allah although you have been eating from His source and live on His earth, then find a place where He may not see you challenge His wills. If you have found it, then go on and do the maksi’at.” The man then said: Oh Ibrahim! How can I do as you have mentioned to me if Allah The All Mighty knows everything, and He also knows all the hidden things on this planet?” Ibrahim answered back: “Hye fulan, should you be eating His food, live on His earth, betray Him although in truth He knows everything about you and can see you anywhere and everywhere?” “No”, the man answered.
                “The fourth one, what is it”, asked the man again. Ibrahim replied,”When the angle of death comes to take your spirit away, then say to the angle: “Give me time to repent to Allah and do all His wills.” “Never will he obey my orders,” said the man. “Hye fulan”, said Ibrahim: “should you in your weak body be rejecting death; just for the sack of getting a little bit of time to repent, and you may have known well enough that when death comes you may never be able to reject it just to gain time to repent to Allah, and you may also know well enough that you will never be given that time as you wanted especially in this condition that after doing maksi’at you still hope to be safe from Allah’s punishment?”
                The man asked again: “How about the fifth one?” Ibrahim explained: When angel Zabaniyyah comes on the day if Qiamah to take you to hell, then do not go with him!” “Surely they will not let me, or accept my request”, the man interfere. Ibrahim said:  In that case, what do you hope for that can help safe you?” The man then answered straight away, Oh Ibrahim, that’s enough! I seek God for forgiveness and I repent to Him. The man then followed Ibrahim Adham to perform ibadah together until they were separated by their own death.   (Tawwabin)